We at Lover’s Rock Diamonds appreciate that for many people, buying a diamond for our loved one is often a very exciting but new experience, which can make it feel a little daunting. We are faced with so many different options to consider: diamond shapes, some products come self-certified – so you never really know if you are getting what you have paid for – some have independent certification from different laboratories; some don’t have any at all! Then you have the 4c’s, 5c’s if you include certification!


Much about diamond education is based aroundunderstanding the four c’s (carat weight, cut,colour and clarity) which are the most importantcharacteristics for buying a diamond. However what must also be considered is the diamond shape and whatyou could class as a fifth “c” – the certificate.


The shape of a diamond (round, princess, etc.) refers to the outline as viewed from above. Diamonds come in all shapes and a size with differing attributes, but overall the decision comes down to personal taste.


Carat is specifically a measure of a diamond’s weight and should not be mistaken for size. The size of a diamond is determined by other factors such as shape and cut. Larger carat weights are more valuable than lower carat weights.


The cut is the most important factor in determining a diamond’s brilliance. Simply put, the better the cut the greater the sparkle.


A diamond’s colour grade actually refers to the lack of colour. The closer a diamond is to being white, having no colour, the more valuable it is compared to those with visible colour.


Almost all diamonds have small imperfections (known as inclusions) which are not always noticeable to the naked eye. Diamonds with few or no imperfections receive the highest clarity grades and are of the most value.


Every Lover's Rock diamond is accompanied by a diamond certificate from internationally recognised, independent diamond grading labs GIA, HRD or IGI. And we don’t stop there; each piece of jewellery (ring set with side stones) of lovers rock is also accompanied by a jewellery certificate from HRD.


We at Lover’s Rock Diamonds guarantee all our diamonds are always conflict free from known authentic sources. We comply with United Nations Resolutions, United States Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts and The Kimberley Process which monitors diamonds from the start of its journey at excavation right up until purchase, to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds.

This is non-negotiable and a deal breaker for us.  We work extremely hard to ensure all of our partners feel the same and proudly adhere to the conflict free process. You can rest assured, when you purchase a Lover’s Rock Diamond, you can do so with pride and a clear conscience. It’s the Lover’s Rock Difference.


For help with sizing your wedding or engagement ring, please refer to our handy online guide.