It is regarded, and rightly so, as one of the biggest moments in a person’s life. Asking for someone’s hand in marriage will be a romantic and incredible time for both people as their new world begins to open up in front of them. To make sure that you ask the question while holding a gorgeous and bespoke engagement ring for your love, choose our service at Lover’s Rock.

We know that you will be nervous, slightly worried and not ready for the answer. However, if you are ready to create a bespoke engagement ring in Reading with us, take a look at the three simple steps to go from holding vague hope to popping a confidence-fuelled question:

  1. Discuss your range of options with our team at Lover’s Rock: We have a vast array of engagement rings which can become the inspiration for your bespoke piece. Our team of experts will guide you towards the right one.
  2. Have our team create a bespoke engagement ring: Once you have decided to invest in our bespoke engagement rings in Reading, we will get to work with our vast expertise.
  3. Delivery and the time to deliver the question: We will hand over the ring and its box to you. The next stage is finding the perfect time to pop that all-important question.

To discover more about our bespoke engagement ring service in Reading, get in contact with us.

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