Want a ring designed or customized to your own unique bespoke requirements? Want a wedding ring shaped to fit your engagement ring? All for less than it would cost on the high street…..excellent!!


Working with our team of designers we will take your ideas and inspiration to create bespoke rings based on your own unique design. Using only the finest diamonds and jewellery, your bespoke ring design will be expertly crafted by our team of jewellers to meet your exact requirements and finished to perfection.

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Options for Bespoke rings:

Commission a unique ring design

Whether it’s for Engagement, Wedding or Eternity, your ring will be created by one of our expert designers, to meet your exact requirements and budget.

Already found a ring that you like

Whether it is from Lover’s Rock or elsewhere, we can re-produce any ring design or customize it to create the exact ring you are looking for.

Wedding Rings Shaped to fit

Our shaped wedding ring service allows you to create a bespoke wedding ring crafted to fit your fit wed aexisting Engagement ring. Whether you purchased it from Lover’s Rock or elsewhere, we use a state of the art 3D scanner to capture the precise dimensions of the existing engagement ring, allowing us to create a perfectly fitting wedding band.


The Bespoke ring design process

3d scan

1. Initial consultation

The creation of your bespoke design will start with an initial discussion with one of our  jewellery consultants. Whether you would like to re-create an existing design or create a ring completely unique to your requirements, our team of designers will  create a design brief based on your ideas and together we will turn them into a reality.

2. Sketch/computer-aided 3D designs

The next step is to create the custom ring design. If your ideas are based on an existing ring, our designer will in most cases be able to start straight away. For more complex designs, a sketch or 3D CAD image is created for you to review and sign-off prior to production.

Example of CAD images


3. Production

Once the sketch or 3D version has been approved, we use our 3D printers to create a wax version of your custom  designed ring in our UK workshops. The wax version of your ring can be sent to you to try.

The wax ring is then used to create a mould into which the gold or platinum is poured and your ring is created.

4. Completion

The final stage sees our goldsmiths and diamond setters hand finish your custom ring, ready for delivery. The turnaround time is typically 4 weeks from confirmed quotation.


The Bespoke Wedding Ring Design Process

For shaped wedding rings we use state of the art 3D scanners to capture the precise dimensions of your existing engagement ring.

1. Send in your engagement ring, we will return this to you insured within 3 working days

WB Page Image 1

2. We will 3D scan the ring, enabling us to create a wax version of  the wedding band for you to try.

Bespoke image 2b GREY

3. Once you are happy with the wax version we produce your final bespoke wedding ring.

Bespoke 4 GREY4. The turnaround time is typically 3 to 4 weeks from confirmed quotation.


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