The location might be playing on your mind, the question you ask may be at the forefront of your concerns or you might not know when you are going to ask your partner to marry you. There is so much to consider that you will maybe forget about the most important element: the engagement ring.

At Lover’s Rock we are passionate about helping individuals find and design their perfect engagement rings in Reading. Bespoke and tailored rings from our team will cover everything you need to guide you towards the perfect finish.

How do we create our bespoke engagement rings in Reading?

  • Consultation with you: Your budget, sizing and specific details you wish to be added will be discussed through our consultation stage. This will make sure that the finished product is made to your specific requirements.
  • Design and commission: Our team at Lover’s Rock will go away and produce a design to befit these requirements. Every little detail will be included to provide you with a ring which is ready for commissioning. Once you have approved our bespoke engagement rings in Reading, we will produce it for you.
  • Delivery to you: We will then securely delivery or allow you to pick up your engagement ring in preparation for popping the question.

If you would like to discover more about our bespoke engagement ring service in Reading, get in contact with us today.

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