Four words that have been swilling around your brain for the best part of your adult life – will you marry me. You may have wondered who you’ll finally say it to, you may have known for some time or you may still be pondering if you’re doing the right thing – stop right there. The next decision is important: What engagement ring are you going to buy?

This responsibility can be shared by our team at Lover’s Rock who are on hand to guide your ideas and notions into a fully-fledged ring. Our custom engagement rings in Oxford are the perfect combination of our experience in creating beautiful jewellery and your future partner’s preferences.

Popping the question with confidence – what to do next?

At Lover’s Rock you’ll have the chance to work alongside our team to create a bespoke and custom engagement ring in Oxford. Our design team will draw up a gorgeous design that will be sized and crafted to befit your every requirement. Whether you want to add a specific gem, or a certain design has taken your eye, our team will be able to help.

Our custom engagement rings in Oxford are waiting to be discovered by yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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