What does bespoke mean to you? Personality. Emotion. Passion. Care. It can be all of those things at once through something as meaningful as an engagement ring. Our bespoke engagement ring service in Reading can offer you support and guidance through this exciting time for yourself and, shortly, the one you love the most in the world.

Our service at Lover’s Rock is framed by our passion for creating the most special pieces of jewellery for magical moments. We make sure that you have a number of options open to you as you go from step one through to organising your wedding day. Our bespoke engagement rings in Reading can be produced from scratch as a commission with our designers or we can reproduce a wedding or engagement ring that you have seen elsewhere for your loved one’s hand.

Why should you choose a bespoke service for an engagement ring?

When you consider the importance of this moment over the course of your lifetime together, you will see it as the stage where your lives together are transformed. To ensure it is memorable and extra special, our bespoke engagement ring service in Reading will set you on the way to a ring that looks incredible and is made from the highest-grade materials we can source.

To start the process from an idea in your mind to getting down on one knee, speak with our experts today.

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