Wedding & Engagement Ring shopping on a Budget

Wedding & Engagement Ring shopping on a Budget

Are you trying to plan a wedding or engagement during the cost of living crisis?

Brits are more worried than ever before with how and where they are spending their money as a result of the rising cost of living and inflation. All around us we’re seeing the costs of everyday items increasing, and inflation has been pushed to the highest levels in four decades.

Amongst all the items that are being affected, inflation has a powerful influence over precious metals and we’re seeing a rise in the cost of metals, diamonds and gemstones. The cost of living crisis is something that is rocking our world, and with so many mixed messages and uncertainty ahead, it can be even more daunting for those who want to plan an engagement or wedding.

Getting engaged or married can be a financial minefield, so it’s important to have a budget set in place so you can be sure not to overspend. However, with the cost of living crisis in full motion, it can be even more difficult making financial decisions.

With this in mind, here are a couple of ways you can maximise your engagement and wedding ring budget during the cost of living crisis with Lover’s Rock

When you want to choose diamonds, consider lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds share the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds and are created from the same material, making them a considerably more cost-effective option for people looking to purchase diamonds. This technique can even alter the lab-grown diamond's colour, providing buyers as many options as they would have with actual diamonds.

We can offer a range of lab grown diamonds suitable for wedding and engagement rings, all of which can be customised to suit different ring widths and budgets. To learn more about lab grown diamonds, see our blog.

To support those who want to get married or engaged during these trying times, we’re more than happy to offer flexible payment options. Currently we’re offering interest free finance, and we can also offer payment plans which allow you to pay in instalments based on an initial deposit.
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