Tom's guide to planning your Summer Wedding!

Tom's guide to planning your Summer Wedding!

Planning a summer wedding? Want to make sure you pick the right wedding rings?

When you’re planning a summer wedding, you’ll no doubt have a “to do list” that is packed full of things you need to arrange. Venue? Check. Invitations sent? Check. Wedding dress and suits picked out? Check.

With so much to do, it can all get a little overwhelming, and one part that many people struggle with is finding the perfect wedding ring. Maybe you and your betrothed want to have matching wedding rings. Or perhaps you need to find the right wedding band that matches your engagement ring.

There are so many options when it comes to wedding ring shopping, that after some time it may lose its magic and become more of a chore. However, at Lover’s Rock, we want you to enjoy the process of planning for your summer wedding, and we’ve put together some tips on how to find your perfect wedding ring.

Practicalities- it’s always helpful to know your size and know roughly what you’re looking for. Do you want to go for a classic design? Perhaps you want something that sparkles and shines? Or maybe you need it to fit comfortably with the shape of your engagement ring?

Think about your budget- whether you have no set budget or need to keep the purse strings tight, it’s always a good idea to have a limit in mind and discuss with each other what they may be.

Decide on the metal- another key part of your decision-making comes down to the metal you want. Does it need to be durable? If so we recommend platinum or titanium. If pairing with an engagement ring you must ensure that the precious metals match in terms of metal type and fineness, otherwise one will wear against the other. For those that are looking for something with a bit of colour, you may prefer a yellow gold, rose gold or zirconium ring. You can even mix metals by choosing one of our bi-colour rings.

Choose your style- there are endless styles to choose from such as classic wedding bands with a polished or brushed finish, and you can even add a pattern or engraving that is unique to you. Shaped designs to fit with your engagement ring can be V shaped, U shaped or a subtle twist design, so take your time researching what you like, but bear in mind a few things. Will it fit comfortably with your engagement ring? Will you find it comfortable to wear and does it fit in with your lifestyle? Is it something that is currently in fashion but over time you may not like?

Lastly, take your time- we know how exciting it can be, and with your summer wedding around the corner you’ll naturally want to get everything arranged as soon as possible. However, your wedding rings are designed to be with you for life, so take your time browsing all your options and when the time comes to making a decision, make sure to book an appointment and make a day out of the occasion.

At Lover’s Rock we have a range of women’s wedding rings and men’s wedding rings available to view on our website, and we are able to book appointments in which you can have the shop floor to yourself for you and your partner to browse freely.

If you can’t find a ring you like, you can customise any of our rings and design your own wedding ring, or we can create a bespoke design to your unique requirements. To book an appointment for our bespoke rings in Thame, get in touch today.

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