Tom's Guide to buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Tom's Guide to buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Consider a lab grown diamond for your wedding or engagement ring

When you’re weighing up your options for your wedding or engagement ring, naturally you’ll be attracted to diamonds. Known for their beauty and class, diamonds are equally well known for being expensive. If you want to find a more affordable and ethical way to choose diamonds for your big day, consider lab grown diamonds instead.

What are lab grown diamonds?
It all started back in the 1950’s when General Electric produced lab-grown diamonds, and since then, experts have fine-tuned the process in order to create chemically identical natural diamonds.

By replicating the environment that diamonds grow in, lab grown diamonds are made of actual carbon atoms that are arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure.

As they are made from the same material as natural diamonds, they have the same visual and chemical properties which makes them a much more affordable choice for those who wish to buy diamonds. This process can even go as far as to change colour of the lab grown diamond, giving people plenty of options, as you would get with natural diamonds.

So, what are the benefits of lab grown diamonds?

  • You will know the origin of the diamond. Lab grown diamonds are a great option for those that have any concerns around the ethics of natural diamonds. Whilst there are plenty of laws and standards in place to protect and ensure diamonds are ethically sourced, this option gives peace of mind and you’ll know exactly where it came from.
  • Appearance wise, there is no difference between natural and lab grown diamonds
  • Another fantastic advantage that lab grown diamonds have is that they are as equally beautiful and charming as natural diamonds. Whilst they may not have been created in a natural setting, they still have the identical chemical, physical, and optical properties as naturally sourced diamonds.
  • A great choice for those who want to watch their budget

Our lab grown diamonds are a great option for those that want to own a diamond but don’t want the natural diamond price tag. In fact, you can save on average around 50% to 100% when you buy our lab grown diamonds versus our natural diamonds.

Quite simply, the greater the carat weight and the higher the quality the diamond is, the bigger the savings for you. With plenty of options across all diamond shapes and sizes, you can own a stunning diamond ring that costs much less than a mined diamond.

All the natural diamond rings on our website are also available with lab grown diamonds, so please contact us for more information and pricing, or book an appointment to visit us in our showroom.

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