5 reasons to choose Lover's Rock, Oxfordshire, for your Engagement Rings

5 reasons to choose Lover's Rock, Oxfordshire, for your Engagement Rings

Are you thinking of going down on one knee? Have you rehearsed the scenario in your head over and over? Do you have a contingency plan in place if all else fails? We’re just trying to scare you, don’t worry. The moment you ask your partner to marry you will never cease to be an anxious time, but you have no need to fear. At the perfect moment with the most beautiful ring, you’ll get the affirmation that makes it official: You’re getting married.

As one of the UK’s leading destination for wedding and engagement rings, at Lover’s Rock you’ll be able to find everything you need to create the ultimate piece of jewellery. We’re experts in crafting and creating rings that are understated or outstanding; beautiful or practical; encrusted with diamonds or pinpricked with gems. You’ll be sure to find the ideal and happy medium between the wishes of your partner and our exceptional ability to create bespoke rings.

Ask the question of a lifetime with confidence by choosing our bespoke ring creation service

There’s a keen sense of intrigue whenever the engagement ring is discussed. Make sure your partner can proudly display the engagement ring you offered by choosing our bespoke service at Lover’s Rock.

If you need any more persuading as to why we’re a leading store for purchasing bespoke engagement rings in Oxford and Reading, we’ve curated a list of five reasons to kick off your search for the perfect ring with us:

    Outstanding experience: Lover’s Rock isn’t only reputable for creating some of the finest pieces of jewellery in Oxford and Reading, we’re trusted due to our exceptional experience. Combining our 50 years’ experience we’re able to move the creation of your bespoke engagement ring in the right direction. Throughout the time our team have spent working in jewellery and the crafting of custom rings, we’ve gathered experience in accommodating to the needs of each individual.
    Price-match guarantee: While asking someone to marry you has never and will never be about money, there’s a certain warm feeling you can get when choosing Lover’s Rock. We’ll offer you a price-match guarantee to ensure you that you’re receiving the best possible price. If you find the same product for a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match it.
    Personable service: Buying a ring is a deeply personal act. You know that you’re essentially purchasing the first thing your partner will see when you ask them to marry you. This huge question has to be guided by a team of experts that understand what you’re going through. Our personable team of jewellery professionals know exactly how to make you feel welcome and at home when choosing your bespoke engagement ring with us.
    Diamond-encrusted education: If you’ve ever looked into buying diamonds before you’ll have noticed how confusing it can all become very quickly. We completely understand this at Lover’s Rock because we’ve been there before! Our online Diamond Education guide will give you the basic knowledge you need to make a choice of a lifetime with confidence. This will explain how to choose the right diamond by teaching you all about the certifications, sizes, carats, colour, cuts and clarity. Phew!
    Trusted for independently certified diamonds: When you choose from our vast selection of loose diamonds and diamond sets on our engagement rings you’ll be able to do so with confidence. We’re one of only a handful of retailers that are trusted and guaranteed internationally by GIA, HRD and IGI. We solely sell diamonds to you that have been independently verified and recognised by professional grading labs.

There’s plenty of things to consider as you make your way through the myriad of options you have in front of you. When you choose to invest your time with Lover’s Rock we can ensure you that your every requirement will be taken into account.

For the opportunity to have the perfect engagement ring made for your partner in Oxford and Reading, our team at Lover’s Rock are waiting to help you.
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