Choosing a ring to make her say yes!

Choosing a ring to make her say yes!

So, here comes the daunting part – what kind of engagement ring do you think she will love for the rest of her life?

You’ve probably got a good idea on how you are going to propose, but you want it to be a surprise, so how can you guarantee she will love the ring you choose?

Fear not my friends, here at Lover’s Rock Diamonds we have given you a step by step guide to work out exactly the type of ring she will adore. First off, work out what type of girl she is from our typologies below!

She LOVES fashion, clothes, make up and looking good is important to her. She’s funny, hot and spontaneous. She will want a ring to be proud of that shouts ‘bang on trend’. Check out our amazing Starla range that ensures your budget is stretched to the absolute maximum, or our HALO collection with the latest celebrity styles – either of these will guarantee the true WOW factor.

So, she takes care of herself by eating well & exercising her body & mind. She isn’t flash or loud and cherishes past elegance and wants a break from the norm. Check out our beautiful Vintage range that will offer something a little different. She will adore the delicate yet striking balance that these beautiful diamonds create. Cool, classy and understated, yeah.

This lady likes to look good, but doesn’t need the hot of the press trends to do so. Timeless in style, she appreciates the simplicity and timeless elegance of our stunning Classic range. With it being the most popular category, if you are unsure, – this fail safe range will put you on the right track in no time.

So, she doesn’t need to keep up with ‘The Jones’s but she does like nice things and takes care of herself. She is interested in style and fashion but not dominated by it. Our 3 STONE engagement rings are perfect for this girl – outstanding and slightly outside the norm, she will love the unique nature of 3 stone, 1 stone represents the past, 1 stone signifies the present and the last stone the future – thoughtful and impressive.

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