Tom's Guide to choosing your Wedding Rings

Tom's Guide to choosing your Wedding Rings

After your wedding, when the cake has been eaten, the wine has been drunk and the confetti has been thrown, your wedding ring is your everlasting memory. A wedding ring signifies love and commitment and symbolises the start of shared life. We speak to diamond and jewellery consultant Tom Reid of Lover’s Rock Diamonds on what you should know before you even start window shopping.

Who pays for it?
Traditionally, the bride pays for the groom’s ring and the groom pays for the bride’s, a symbolic gesture of commitment, but today it’s probably best to forget those ancient traditions – second jobs and mortgages are unnecessary! If you’re like most couples, the two of you will be covering a good chunk of the expenses yourselves, so take some time to figure out what you can afford.

It’s easy to get carried away with the romance of the day – be sure to allow enough budget, time and thinking. I often get asked how much rings cost – this will depend on the design, metal type, diamonds, and whether you opt for a bespoke ring shaped to fit around your engagement ring. As an example, a plain 18ct gold ring starts from £250, but if you add some diamonds it will creep up to around £550. If you move to platinum, prices for a plain ring start around £400 but increase to £770 with diamonds.

For bespoke custom-made options, designed to fit your engagement ring, plain band prices start at £370 for 18ct gold, £650 Platinum. Diamond set rings £850 for 18ct gold, £1,000 for Platinum.

To match or not to match?
This is a personal choice – here’s an example of one we’ve made to match.

Unique and elaborate engagement ring designs often require a shaped wedding ring that is designed to fit around the setting of the engagement ring. Pre-existing shaped ring designs may fit your engagement ring; however, a bespoke custom made option is often the best and most popular solution as it is designed specifically to fit your engagement ring.

Wedding rings are available in many profiles, from the classic Court shape and D-shape to the modern Flat Court designs.


You don’t have to have a plain band, you can choose an eternity style wedding ring, with diamonds all the way around or only halfway – the choice is yours.

Personalisation – engraving
Add that personal touch by having your wedding date, names, or a personal message engraved inside the ring.

A wedding ring is something you will definitely need to try on and often go away and think about so don’t leave it to the last minute! Wedding rings can take up to 4 weeks to be made, once purchased keep them safe until your wedding day!

Which precious metal is right for you?
Choose a wedding ring made from the same precious metal as your engagement ring to ensure that they do not wear against each other. Platinum is a harder metal than gold which will result in the platinum ring wearing away at the gold ring over time. Gold purities should also be matched as 9ct gold is hardier than the softer 18ct gold.


Available in yellow, rose and white gold. White gold is cheaper than Platinum but will need re-rhodium plating approximately every 12 months to maintain its silvery white appearance. 24K is a 100% pure gold which is very soft making it prone to bend and dent easily – an unpopular choice of wedding ring in the UK. 18k is 75% gold which makes it more durable whilst retaining a high gold content – a very popular choice of wedding ring. 9k gold is 37.5% gold. Its low gold content makes it a cost-effective option however it is not good for allergy sufferers due to other metal content.

Platinum is extremely durable, hard wearing and doesn’t tarnish, retaining its appearance better than any other metal. Platinum develops a natural patina over time through surface scratches, which is considered highly desirable. Platinum is hypo-allergenic making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Being the rarest and therefore most precious of all the metals, it does unfortunately make it the most expensive.

Palladium is an excellent value for money alternative, as it shares many of the same benefits as platinum but without the cost. It’s hypo-allergenic, durable and doesn’t tarnish to stay naturally white. Whilst from the same family as platinum, it’s much lighter in weight, making it an excellent choice for those with a lower budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality or beauty.

The Lover’s Rock Difference
Founder of Lover’s Rock Diamonds, Tom Reid created his business philosophy on his own personal experience of purchasing Diamond jewellery. The high price tags for uncertified, low quality, mass produced designs led him to create a simple yet effective business model, creating unique and bespoke handmade rings of the finest quality whilst offering up to 75% savings versus the high street.

Tom designs engagement, wedding and eternity rings that truly suit the individual at a fraction of the cost by being an on-line business with direct access to the world’s finest diamonds and jewellery. Nationwide home appointments and meetings at the Oxfordshire office ensure the personal touch and allow customers to view before purchasing.

With every diamond fully certified and ethically sourced along with a 30day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty, it’s no wonder the business is thriving.

With its 5-star reviews, customers are delighted with their diamond jewellery, not to mention their bank balance!

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