Women’s Wedding Rings

See our collection of women’s wedding rings

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll have a list of many things that need to get done. Everything from the venue and the dress, to the suits, the food and the transport needs to be taken care of.

However, a vital part of planning a wedding that must be considered wisely is your wedding ring. Designed to last a lifetime, you need to take your time choosing the perfect one.

At Lover's Rock Ltd we offer an extensive collection of women’s wedding rings that span in design, size, shape and price. 

Struggling to find the perfect one?

Then we can provide a bespoke service that ensures you don’t make any compromises:

Make some changes- If you’ve found a wedding ring that you love but want to change a couple of features, we can re-produce and re-design it to your requirements.

Start from scratch- Let us know what you’re imagining and we’ll create one that is designed and created to your exact requirements and budget.

Wedding rings shaped to fit- Made for those that already have an engagement ring and need the wedding band to fit perfectly alongside it.

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