A wedding ring is different from any other kind of jewellery. It’s not only the most permanent of pieces but it makes an imprint on the heart of the receiver forever. This only ratchets up the pressure of finding a wedding ring that looks wonderful on your bride or groom.

To guide you along the right pathway to a beautiful and ever-lasting custom wedding ring in Oxford you’ll need to bring your inspiration, your ideas and combine them with our expertise. At Lover’s Rock we have been creating, crafting and customising wedding rings alongside our customers to ensure they come away from our store with something unique and special.

With the question of marriage affirmed and your wedding around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of the wedding ring that’ll be brought down the aisle soon enough. At Lover’s Rock we can create your ideal custom wedding ring in Oxford that’ll look amazing from every angle, suit your loved one and, vitally, be able to survive the years it will spend on your spouse’s ring finger.

We’re adept at providing you with classic, diamond and vintage wedding rings with the finishing touches that you desire lovingly applied.

Discover why we’re chosen by individuals for our custom wedding rings in Oxford by getting in contact with us.

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