The hard part is over. It’s all excitement now as you approach your special day together. It will be a monumental date in the diary and one that comes packed with plenty of diverse items to tick off the to-do list.

One of the most important ones will be the wedding ring.

At Lover’s Rock we are tasked with producing bespoke wedding rings in Reading to suit the changing and evolving needs of our customers across the area.

We are passionate about the difference that our bespoke wedding ring service will make to the whole process.

From start to finish we will ensure that our professional team guide you through the stages towards the perfect wedding ring.

Three steps towards the ideal bespoke wedding ring in Reading:

  1. Let’s talk: It’s important to get your ideas across to us. We want to turn your imagination into a reality, so we’ll talk about everything from the precious metal, the ring size and budget to produce a plan of action.
  2. Design and discuss: Our team can then use this information to design a wedding ring that could be perfect for you. We will then reconvene to discuss the design and determine whether it fits your ideas.
  3. Delivery: Our bespoke wedding rings are then created to this final approved design and delivered to you in time for your special day.

Get in contact with us to find out more.

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