It is an important stage of the whole frantic setting around your wedding. The dress and the venue will be the first thing to tick off. The wedding ring will be, however, one of the most special aspects of your marriage as it will be with your partner for the rest of their life. At Lover’s Rock we are chosen for bespoke wedding rings in Aylesbury that combine your ideas with our jewellery expertise.

By flicking through our selection of wedding rings on our website, we aim to give you the inspiration that you need to make a start. You will need to complement your partner’s preferences and their size with your budget and the extras features you want to add.

How we create bespoke wedding rings in Aylesbury?

  • Step One: Our team will speak personally with you to ensure that every aspect of the wedding ring is considered. We will use our experience to ask you all the questions that are relevant to making a wedding ring which will wow your new bride or groom.
  • Step Two: The design of our bespoke wedding rings is the most important aspect of the process. We will then let you choose and alter the design to suit your and your partner’s every need.
  • Step Three: Whenever your wedding ring is required, we can make sure that we have it ready for you to pick up. The next step will be finally putting the ring on your partner during your special day – the moment you have been waiting for.

To find out more about our bespoke wedding rings in Aylesbury, get in contact with us.

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