Eternity Rings Oxford

Browse our range of eternity rings in Oxford

An eternity ring is given to someone after marriage, quite often when a special occasion has happened. For some, an eternity ring is gifted on a certain wedding anniversary or birth of a child. For others it can be something totally unique to their partnership. Whatever reason you have being gifting or choosing an eternity ring, you can browse our exclusive range at Lover’s Rock Ltd.

Included in our range of eternity rings are styles such as:

Can’t find one that’s right?

Or perhaps your wedding rings are a certain shape and you need to find one that fits? If so, our bespoke rings are a great way to make it unique to you.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Commission one from scratch that is designed to your exact specifications
  • Alter a ring that you like but would like to change some elements
  • Shape a ring that fits around your current wedding/engagement ring

To book an appointment with our expert team, get in touch via our website today. In the meantime, get some inspiration for your eternity ring from our most recently purchased eternity rings.

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