There’s something extra special about a gift that has been designed and manufactured bespoke for someone. Whether it’s an engraving in a piece of jewellery or a specifically designed ring, our experienced and talented staff at Lover’s Rock are able to create a stunning custom wedding ring for your loved one in Oxford.

We’re tasked with creating custom wedding rings for our customers to the very last detail. You have the right to be picky about every feature of your wedding ring because you’ll be giving it to your loved one for the rest of their life. That makes every choice you make very important, but our team are here to help you create the ultimate custom wedding ring in Oxford.

We call upon a combination of our experience in creating wedding rings with our ability to customise them how you wish. We’ll give you appropriate advice and guidance about your wedding ring purchase, use the size of the engagement ring as a guide, and make it with the most appropriate metal. To gain some inspiration from our collections of classic, diamond, shaped and vintage wedding rings, simply take a look on our website.

Make sure you choose Lover’s Rock as your destination for custom wedding rings in Oxford this year. To discuss the most important piece in the wedding jigsaw, get in contact with our team.

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