Nerves jangling, palms sweaty and mind racing; and that’s before you’ve stepped foot in the shop. Buying an engagement ring is both a daunting and exciting prospect. Daunting: finding the right ring for your loved one. Exciting: you’re about to begin the beautiful process of marriage.

At Lover’s Rock, we want to ensure you pop the question with the most wonderful ring for your partner, and can guarantee to do everything to reach this end. Our collections of engagement rings in Oxford will provide you with the quality and style you need to impress your partner.

To help you make the boldest choice of your lifetime, here’s three styles of engagement rings to consider:

  • Three-stone rings: Don’t be content with impressing your loved one with just one diamond or stone, make sure you blow them away with a beautiful and glamourous three-stone ring. Delicately crafted so it is still unerringly magical up close.
  • Vintage rings: A style that, intrinsically because of its name, will never go out of fashion. Ask the question to the ‘one’ with our range of vintage rings. Diamonds cut for the princess in your life.
  • Classic rings: Your first port of call. Not a safe option, however, as these daring engagement rings will be sure to impress your partner every time they glance at it.

To discover what engagement ring to go for, speak to our professional team today.

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