We ask questions every day that have a simple answer. ‘Can I have a coffee, please’, ‘what time is it’, ‘what’s for dinner’. It’s natural to skirt over these everyday questions but stumble over the more complex ones; especially THE most complex question. Four words, one question mark and two options for the receiver: Yes or no.

At Lover’s Rock we want to share the excitement of this magical moment by helping you find the perfect engagement ring in Reading from our online store. We’re certain that you’ll find something unique that will perfectly summarise the beauty of your relationship. Whether you want something as soon as possible so you can pop the question spontaneously or you’re setting the foundations in place for the right moment, we can help you.

Custom engagement rings in Reading made alongside our team

To create the best possible engagement rings in Reading for each of our customers, we have a bespoke service which will combine your specific ideas with our expertise. Whether you’ve got an idea of what you’d like the ring to look like or you’re completely at a loss, our team at Lover’s Rock are on hand to help you.

On top of our custom engagement rings in Reading, we’ve also got a wide variety of engagement rings ready to buy straight from our online store.

To discover more about our custom rings at Lover’s Rock, get in contact with our team today.

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