You may have the question planned and the words organised in your mind, but they will not come out right without having the confidence in the engagement ring. The box that you produce from your sweaty palms should instil confidence that your loved one will appreciate your choice of ring and design. When it comes to making that selection, it is vital that you speak with a team who can guide you through the range of questions you will have.

How to create a bespoke engagement ring in Reading?

For the first question, our team at Lover’s Rock can give you a direct pathway from the ideas in your mind and the finished product. We will work closely together to exchange ideas, set your budget and inject every little finishing touch that you desire. Our bespoke engagement rings in Reading will give you a chance to get the best of both worlds and create something completely unique.

Why choose Lover’s Rock?

If you want to understand the quality of our rings, you can have a look at our collections of wedding and engagement rings which cover a range of styles. Our bespoke engagement rings in Reading will combine the character you wish to implement with the quality of our jewellery items.

Discover more about the process we go through for creating bespoke engagement rings in Reading by speaking to our team today.

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