Thanks to Lovers Rock, you can get incredible custom engagement rings that tell the story of your romance. Beautiful diamonds that speak volumes as to the journey that you and your partner have been on to get to where you are now.

Our team of designers seek to understand you as a person, your desires and what puts a smile on your face. Through consultation with you, we’ll devise a number of 3D designs for you to choose from, delivering images and other material to allow you to make an informed decision. After choosing a design that suits your style and budget, we’ll get to work, crafting a beautiful custom engagement ring that exceeds all of your expectations.

Once the 3D design has been approved, we’ll use our 3D printers to create your custom wedding ring out of wax, in one of our UK workshops, then sending it off to you to try. The wax ring is then used to create a mould into which the gold or platinum is poured and your ring is finalized.

We’re capable of making custom engagement and wedding rings which are compatible with each other, meaning one particular ring can stick with you from the moment you decide to get married, through the rest of your lives together as a couple.

Get started today by giving us a ring on the number: 03330 064 411

Alternatively, fill out the provided contact form available online with any questions or requests you may have regarding our custom engagement rings in Thame.

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