Designing Bespoke Wedding Rings

Design your own bespoke wedding rings with Lover’s Rock Ltd

Now that the engagement period is over, are you ready to make plans for the big day? Amongst all the tasks you’ll need to take care of before your wedding, perhaps the most important ones to address first are the rings.

Seeing as they’ll be worn for a lifetime, it’s only right that you should take plenty of time to find the right ones. However, sometimes this is easier said than done.

You may find that some rings aren’t quite fitting the brief, or perhaps you don’t want to wear something that others will also wear. If you want to make sure your wedding rings suit your personality and style, then why not go one step further and design your own?

At Lover’s Rock Ltd we can create you a bespoke wedding ring that is crafted to your exact requirements. Whether you’ve found a suitable ring but want to change a couple of features, or would prefer to start from scratch and choose everything from the design to the metal, we can do it all.

We’ll also be able to design a ring that fits suitably around your engagement ring so that it’s both comfortable and stunning to wear.

Whatever you need from us, we are certain that we can help when you book an appointment with us.

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