Wedding rings are not something that can be bought in a snap decision. It will be a combination of everything from your partner’s preferences, your budget, your own preferences, the smallest addition aspects and, last but not least, choosing a jeweller who can help put each part together. At Lover’s Rock we are chosen as a leading provider of custom wedding rings in Aylesbury for both brides and grooms searching for a solution.

How to create a wedding ring with Lover’s Rock

It begins by speaking with our experts about your wedding ring. Would you like it to be suited around a certain stone or rock? Do you want it to have a special inscription? Is there a budget you need to stick to? All of this information will start to shape the design and the product that we craft and customise for you.

Why choose Lover’s Rock?

Our professional team are chosen by individuals and couples across the area for our ability to provide support and quality materials throughout the process. We combine this experience and expertise in the jewellery world with our passion for creating wedding rings that are set to pass the test of time.

If you would like to begin your custom wedding ring creation in Aylesbury, speak with our professional team today.

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