The thoughts that swirl around your head before you arch down onto one knee, look up with hope and utter the words you have spent hours and hours mixing up in your mind will be electric. You will be closer than ever before to turning your partner into a bride or groom, from turning your relationship into a life partnership. Such an occasion deserves a fitting engagement ring that can display the things you treasure so dearly about your loved one.

At Lover’s Rock we work tirelessly to provide individuals with the finest bespoke engagement rings in Reading alongside our collections of diamond, platinum and gold rings. We are passionate about our ability to turn your imagination and ideas into a real and veritable engagement ring fitted with every minor detail you could possibly envisage.

How to start creating a bespoke engagement ring in Reading with us?

It begins with a discussion with you over the budget you have set, the preferences your partner has and their sizing. These three important elements allow us to go away and design something that will wow, amaze and drop the jaw of your partner in that special moment.

From this point our ideas will converge to produce a bespoke engagement ring in Reading which is perfect for your partner. If you would like to get started, speak with one of our team today.

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