As your special day rears its head, thoughts will be racing in your mind: “What do you I need to wear? Am I forgetting something? What wedding ring am I going to buy?” While we can’t help you with your fashion or forgetfulness, we can find and create the finest bespoke wedding rings for you in Reading.

At Lover’s Rock, we’re passionate about rings and jewellery that will last a lifetime. A wedding ring will be on your partner’s ring finger for the majority of their life, so it’s important you choose a delicate, beautiful and long-lasting team of craftspeople to make it bespoke for you.

We provide wedding rings in Reading for a vast spectrum of customers, with a range of budgets. While some have a vague idea of the kind of wedding ring they want or their partner will love, we understand that it’s a difficult decision.

Exceptional details, beautiful diamonds, intricate bespoke wedding touches; our team at Lover’s Rock will take you through the whole process. The result of our discussing, designing and creation will be a perfectly crafted wedding ring prepared in good time for your loved one. We can even fit your bespoke wedding ring around the size and shape of your engagement ring to make the process easier.

Speak to our helpful team to discover more.

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