Bespoke Engagement Rings Newbury

Make it unique with our bespoke engagement rings in Newbury

Want to pop the question on your next anniversary? Maybe you’ve reached a certain milestone and want to surprise her with an engagement ring? Perhaps you’ve been shopping around but can’t find the perfect ring?

It takes time and patience to find the perfect engagement ring, but if you want to take things a step further, our bespoke rings are a popular choice

At Lover's Rock Ltd many people choose to personalise their engagement rings so that it can have that extra special touch. It also gives you the chance to change something about a current ring that you think would take it to the next level.

Whatever reason you have to wanting to commission a bespoke engagement ring, our team of expert designers is on hand to help.

We can offer you two options:

Commission a unique ring- let us know in detail what you want and we’ll work with your requirements and budget

Change an existing ring- found something you like but aren’t keen on a particular feature? Then let us know and we can re-produce any ring and customise it accordingly

To design your very own bespoke engagement ring, book an appointment with our team today.

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