Your hands may be shaky, your palms may try their best to create a bead of sweat and your mind will be racing through every possible outcome. Under that sweaty palm will be a small case which holds the bespoke engagement ring you’re about to brandish to ‘the one’. At Lover’s Rock we’re chosen to create rings to the specific requirements of our customers.

When you make the decision to ask your partner to marry you, there will be plenty of considerations to make. What kind of ring shall I go for? How much should I spend? When is the best time to ask her? While we can’t decide everything about this special moment, we can help you create a bespoke engagement ring in Reading.

Designing and making a ring that looks amazing from every angle

At Lover’s Rock we’re an important service that can guide your bespoke engagement ring through all the most important questions. The size, the metal, the style and the price. When you choose to work alongside our professionals, we’re certain you’ll be impressed by the result and your partner will be ecstatic.

Our bespoke engagement rings created in Reading are perfectly placed to get you the results you need. Speaking to our team at Lover’s Rock will settle the finer details and start the process. Get in contact with us to find out more.